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Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is largest, oldest and most visited National park in Croatia. It consist of 16 lakes. UNESCO has declared it as world natural heritage.

Zip Line, Rudopolje

In the edge of Plitvice Lakes National Park is placed Zip Line. The rope is 1700m long what makes it the longest Zip Line in Europe and you can go even more than 100km/h. Its a great place for every adrenalin fan.

Cerovac Caves

Cerovac Caves are the gratest cave complex in Croatia. They are located in south part of Nature park Velebit. Caves are 3800m long. It consists of 3 caves.

Barac Caves

Barac Caves consist of 3 caves. The total surface area is 5,19 km. Barac Caves have recognition „Golden flower“ with bronze label.

Gacka River

Gacka river is 61km long. It is characterized by its pure clean water whosw wellspring is near city Otočac, place called Sinac. It is famous by fish trout which you can fish between 1.3. and 30.9.


Rastoke are suburb of city Slunj. They are called „Little Plitvice Lakes“ because of Slunjčica's river waterfalls. Rastoke are in a Register of immovable cultural monuments of Croatia.